Catherine Creek Park is a multi use park so yield to other park users!  
No drugs or alcohol please!  Be on your best behavior!
Leave the course cleaner than you found it!  
A clean park gives disc golf a good reputation and makes it easier to get more disc golf courses!
Maps and course information are available at the Course Bulletin Board.
The Course is a modest 3759 feet long.  What it lacks in length, it picks up in obstacles.
The course wanders through a dense forest of 150 foot tall evergreen trees.
In general, the floor of the course is open forest floor.  There are a few holes where there is some underbrush, but the course is quite playable. It's a great hot weather and rainy day course because the trees shade both the sun and rain.
Penalty stroke for OB, landing in bogs, parking lots and hitting parked cars or the school.
The Lake Stevens course is a technical course (as opposed to power course).  There are few holes over 300 feet in length, many are shorter than 200 feet.  Don't be fooled by short hole lengths.  Just because it's only 150 feet to the target, doesn't mean it's an easy lay-up par.
The course is balanced between right and left curved paths with many holes having multiple routes. There are also several holes with S curved routes to the targets.
To do well, a player must have a well rounded game with a wide variety of shots and skills.
Downtown Lake Stevens
Discs and stuff may be available at the game store in the Downtown mall next to Subway and BuzzInn, a couple blocks from the course.
Lake Stevens downtown has several places to eat and shop. For unique, there's the Lake Stevens Brewery with several interesting local brews.  There's a practice target at the Clinic lawn next door.  
A large children's playground is located right next to the course. It's big!
The Centennial Bike trail is a few blocks east from the course. Lake Stevens is the midpoint in the trail that runs from Snohomish to just south of Arlington.
Bathrooms (sanicans) are available next to the playground.

Camping near the course
Camping is available about 8 miles away at Flowing Lake County Park.  Reservations are generally recommended during summer months (360-568-2274).  Flowing Lake has a beach, swimming area with life guards and boating activities.  Better ski boating can be found at Lake Stevens.